How to Lock Desktop Icons in Windows

Posted on — How to Lock Desktop Icons in Windows. Many windows users are used to having their desktop icons all in one place. However, if your desktop icons are moving around or getting messy, rearranging them can be a hassle and confusing at times. Luckily there’s a way to lock your desktop icons, so you don’t have to worry anymore if your icons change places.

Lock Desktop Icon in Windows

Windows will automatically reposition your icons if you install, delete apps or change your resolution. To prevent this, there are 2 methods you can try.

Lock Desktop Icons By Turning Off “Auto Arrange Icons”

“Auto Arrange Icons” will make your icons automatically organized. To prevent this you can turn it off.

Step 1: First, right click on your desktop. Then click View then uncheck “Auto Arrange Icons”

How to Lock Desktop Icons in Windows

If you want the row and column of icons to align, click the “ Align Icons to Grid” menu Finally click ” Refresh ” on the desktop context menu.

Lock Desktop Icons Using DeskLock

Desklock is a free and simple application that can lock the position of icons on your desktop.

Step 1: Download the Desklock app using the link below:

Download DeskLock

Step 2: Extract the DeskLock.Zip File.

Step 3: Next, open DeskLock.exe . Once open, the application will appear in the tray icon on the taskbar.

How to Lock Desktop Icons in Windows

You can disable the DeskLock application by right-clicking the desklock icon and then unchecking Enabled.

The application will automatically lock the icon position by disabling the drag & drop feature on the desktop. The right click feature is also missing.

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To re-enable the right-click feature on the desktop, right-click on the DeskLock icon on the taskbar and then click Settings

How to Lock Desktop Icons in Windows

Then uncheck “Disable Right Click Mouse”. Then click OK.

Note: This application does not run automatically at startup or when your PC can be turned on, you can add it to startup if you want the application to open automatically when you use windows, follow the tutorial in this article:


That’s the tutorial ” How to Lock Desktop Icons in Windows “. Now your desktop icons are locked and you don’t have to worry about the position of your icons changing anymore. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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