How to Create a Free IPv6 VPS from HAX

Posted on — How to Create a Free IPv6 VPS from HAX. HAX is a free IPv6 VPS provider website. You don’t need a credit card or special account to create a VPS here, you only need a telegram account for registration, which is guaranteed safe for you to use. Free VPS available on the website only supports IP Address version 6 (IPv6) only, without IP Address version 4 (Ipv4).

HAX offers a free IPv6 VPS with several interesting features including:

  • Each VPS is assigned a /112 subnet of which it has an allocated 65,536 IPv6 addresses
  • Using KVM and NVMe SSD virtualization
  • VPS NIC has 100Mbps speed
  • Extendable (renewable)
  • There are various choices of Operation System
  • Allows to be converted to CHR

HAX provides KVM virtualization for new vps, and limits each server location (region) to only 150 VPS to avoid overload.

Create a Free IPv6 VPS from HAX

Before we get into the process of making a VPS, it would be nice for you to know the definition of a VPS. VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a type of server that uses virtualization technology to divide physical server hardware into several virtual servers that are hosted on the same physical infrastructure. VPS offers the convenience of hosting multiple servers on a single physical server. Each server can have their own purposes and operating systems are different from each other.

You can use this IPv6 VPS from HAX for the purposes of VPN Server, Web Hosting, Bot Server, etc.

After you know about the VPS that we explained above, now you can follow the tutorial on how you can create a VPS for free on HAX and how you can remotely the VPS.

Note: This tutorial is only basic, for more detailed tutorials will be discussed on another occasion!

Register at HAX

Step 1: First, open your telegram, then search for @HaXTG_bot bot in the search field. Make sure you’ve added a username to your Telegram account!

Step 2: Next, click START on the chat bottom menu. Then the id of your telegram will appear , save the telegram id earlier for the next registration process.

Step 3: Open the website page .

Then enter the Telegram ID that you recorded in step 3 . And then click Submit.

Step 4: Next, a verification code will be sent to our Telegram account, open Telegram and copy the code and enter it on the website. Finally, enter the password to log in, please use only letters and numbers .

Step 5: Finally, after the registration process is complete, please try to login via the page using the Telegram ID and Password that you created in the previous step.

Create VPS / Linux Virtual Machine (VN)

Step 1: First, make sure you are logged in before creating a VPS. Then go to the VPS Information section , click the Create One Here button or you can also access the top menu in the VPS > Create VPS section .

Step 2: Fill in the form for your VPS information, such as Operating System , password , vps purpose , location , etc. And then click on the Create VPS button .

How to Create a Free IPv6 VPS from HAX

Step 3: Next, wait for the process until our vps is finished, when it is finished a message will appear, you can click VPS Info. You are required to wait a while (10-60 minutes) until your VPS is completed. You have to queue depending on how many users have created a VPS before you. So check periodically in the VPS Information section .

The following is an example of the result of booting an IPv6 VPS from HAX:

How to Create a Free IPv6 VPS from HAX

Note: VPS validity period is only 7 days, before the validity period expires, please extend the active period at least 3 days before expiration using the Renew VPS menu .

How to Create a Free IPv6 VPS from HAX

Remote VPS IPv6 HAX

After successfully creating a VPS, it’s time to remotely. But before that, there are a few things you need to make sure first.

Checking IPv6 Network Support and How to Solve It

Because the VPS on HAX is an IPv6 VPS, so make sure first whether your network supports IPv6. Most of the providers in Indonesia already support IPv6, but not all places with IPv6 support are affordable, including mine.

To check it, you can use the website .

After entering the website, a statement will appear whether your network supports it or not, if it supports, skip the steps below. However, if not, you can follow the steps below.

How to Create a Free IPv6 VPS from HAX

NAT (Mapping) IPv4 to IPv6

You can do this “IPv4 Gateway to Access IPv6 ” step if your network does not support IPv6. We can use this feature to NAT/Mapping the SSH port from our Version 6 (IPv6) IP address to the Version 4 (IPv4) IP address that has been provided with the specific port you want or want. If your location or network supports IPv6, skip this step.

Step 1: First, first check the IPv6 Address of your VPS by opening the VPS Info menu . Then check the IPv6 section, then copy the Address.

How to Create a Free IPv6 VPS from HAX

Step 2: Next, go to the IPv6 to IPv4 page . After that select the IP Address (it’s up to you), then enter the port between 1000-10000 (one thousand to ten thousand). Then enter the IPv6 Address that you copied in the previous step and enter port 22 . Check chaptca and finally click Request to Forward Port.

How to Create a Free IPv6 VPS from HAX

When finished, a notification will appear. Please note down the IP Address that was created earlier. With this we can remote access (SSH) to our Free IPv6 VPS via IPv4 address easily.

How to Create a Free IPv6 VPS from HAX

Remote SSH

We enter the final step. After a series of steps above, you can now use your VPS.

Step 1: First, for windows users, first download the PuTTY application and install the application.

Step 2: Open the putty application then enter your IP address in the Host Name and enter the port that you got in step 2 in the NAT (Mapping) IPv4 to IPv6 section . Finally click Open.

Note: Especially for those of you whose network supports IPv6, use an IPv6 address and use port 22, you can check the address at VPS Info .

Step 3: Then a terminal will open . Then enter the root username and password, enter the password for your hax account.

If the account password is incorrect / Access Denied (like me, for some reason) you can reset the password via the VPS Password menu . Enter the new password then click Reset Password and wait for the process.

How to Create a Free IPv6 VPS from HAX

Then enter VPS Control to restart your VPS so that the new password can be used.

How to Create a Free IPv6 VPS from HAX

After the process is complete, a message like the image below will appear:

How to Create a Free IPv6 VPS from HAX

Next, try logging in again in putty .

How to Create a Free IPv6 VPS from HAX

For those of you who are curious about other features, there are several VPS features that you can access on the web panel, including:

Info : To check information from VPS.

Status: To check the status of your VPS, start with the total usage of CPU, RAM, etc.

Control: To start, stop or restart the VPS.

Password : To change the VPS Password.

Reinstall : To reinstall the operating system from your VPS.

Renew : To renew the active period of your VPS.

It should be underlined that your VPS is only active for 7 days and before the validity period expires, please extend the active period at least 3 days before it expires using the Renew VPS menu .

For other tutorials, you can check . And you can join the HAX telegram group using the following link .

Good luck, hopefully useful!.

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