How to Extract Subtitles from Videos (mkv) Online

Posted on — How to Extract Subtitles from Videos (mkv) Online. For those of you who often download movies or anime, you must be familiar with subtitles. You can extract the subtitle file from the video for use in other videos. The reason could be because the video you downloaded is of poor quality and you find another video but it doesn’t have subtitles.

In this tutorial, we will share how to extract subtitles online, aka without using an application, that way you can extract the subtitles on your PC or smartphone. For how to extract it, you can follow the tutorial below.

Extract Subtitles from Videos (mkv) Online

First of all, make sure the video that you are going to extract is in mkv format and the subtitles are softsub and not hardsub. Then you can follow the short tutorial below:

1. First, please open a web browser, then open the following website:

2. Next, please click CHOOSE FILE.

3. Then please select the video file (mkv) that you want to extract the subtitles from.

4. Then the subtitles and font files on the video will be extracted and downloaded automatically.

5. Next, please extract the zip file from the subtitle earlier.

How to Extract Subtitles from Videos Online

6. There will be a subtitle.ass file and several font (ttf) files. You can install the.TTF file on your windows so that the font style on the subtitles doesn’t fall apart when playing.

How to Extract Subtitles from Videos Online

7. Then you can match the names of your subtitles and videos so that subtitles automatically appear when the video is played in a video player such as VLC or PotPlayer.

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How to Extract Subtitles from Videos Online

Done. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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