Difference between Netbook and Notebook
Difference between Netbook and Notebook

Difference between Netbook and Notebook

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Blog.sshkit.com – Difference between Netbook and Notebook. Initially, a netbook was a portable computer device that had a monitor dimension of 18 inches. So, a portable computer with an 18 inch monitor is usually called a netbook. But along with the changing era, the name netbook refers to all kinds of computers that are carried, regardless of the dimensions of the monitor.

Difference between Netbook and Notebook

Even though there is actually a portable computer that has the dimensions of the 18 inch monitor which is usually called a netbook. But finally the meaning of netbooks and netbooks are both substituted. The meaning of netbook then refers to computers that need to be carried, not necessarily 18 inches.

Difference between Netbook and Notebook
Difference between Netbook and Notebook

Except for netbooks and netbooks, there is one meaning back, namely notebooks. This notebook refers to the words “internet” as well as “book.” This meaning refers to internet-enabled devices that can be taken anywhere such as books and notebooks, sometimes referred to as netbooks.

Monitor Dimensions

The monitor dimension is a comparison that really shows a portable computer called a netbook or notebook. Netbooks that have 12-17 inch monitor dimensions usually called netbooks. While netbooks with 7-11 inch monitor dimensions  mentioned notebooks.


Given that notebooks lift the dimensions of a smaller monitor, they weigh less than a netbook. Notebooks actually made smaller to make them easier to carry anywhere as they usually weigh under 2 kg.

Use of DVD

Presence DVD is one of the differences between netbooks and notebooks. Netbooks usually come with DVDs. The wide dimensions of the netbook allow a slot for DVD or DVD. The notebook does not have a slot for a DVD because of its small design.

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The difference between netbooks and other notebooks is in the processor. Notebook is a netbook that usually uses a lower class processor. The processor is even sluggish when using a notebook for heavy work.

The use of lower-class processors intended to more power efficient because notebooks  usually taken anywhere and usually used only for surfing the internet and writing lightly.


Notebooks, at the time of their initial presence (around 2007-2008) came with 512MB to 1GB RAM. Currently, suppliers that produce notebooks usually only bring in 2GB of RAM. But for the current era 2GB RAM feels less, especially for operating methods like Windows 10.

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