How to Fix Bluetooth Not Working in Windows 10/11

Posted on — How to Fix Bluetooth Not Working in Windows 10/11. There are many common problems that often occur in windows, one of which is bluetooth problems. Maybe most of you use devices that use bluetooth features such as earphones, controllers, external speakers, etc.

When you want to add or connect a bluetooth device to your windows, you find the bluetooth feature is not working as it should. Either the bluetooth menu can’t be opened, the connected device suddenly disconnects again, etc. To overcome this, you can follow the following tutorial.

Update Bluetooth Driver 

The first solution you can try is to update the bluetooth driver.

First, first check the condition of your drivers in the Device Manager. Right-click on the Start Menu and then open Device Manager. Then expand the Bluetooth menu in Device Manager, then check the condition of the driver. If there is a t you (!) then the driver is problematic.

You can use windows update or download it directly on the official website from your laptop/pc to download the bluetooth driver earlier.

After you finish installing or updating the driver, please try to reconnect your bluetooth. If it still fails, we move on to another solution.

Turn on Bluetooth Service

One of the reasons bluetooth is not working on your windows is because bluetooth “ Services ” is not working properly. There are several bluetooth services that you need to turn on so that the bluetooth function can run properly.

To run these services, please open Cmd Run As Administrator then you can type the following command:

sc config bthserv start= auto
sc start bthserv

After that please try to reconnect your bluetooth. If it still fails, let’s move on to the last solution.

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Connecting Bluetooth Via Control Panel

In most cases, the real problem is the SETTINGS application on windows that doesn’t work properly so that bluetooth doesn’t connect.

To overcome this, we can try to connect your bluetooth through the Control Panel. First, please open the search menu and then look for Control Panel.

Then in the Control Panel, please use the search field, search for bluetooth and then several options will appear, select Add a Bluetooth Device.

Wait for the scanning process, if the device appears, select the device then click Next.

Then follow the instructions to connect your device.

To check what devices are connected to your windows, you can check in the Devices menu in Settings.

Done. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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