How to Access Reddit Without VPN

Posted on — How to Access Reddit Without VPN. Reddit is a forum-based website that gives us the freedom to share content, be it news content or other content according to the community we are in. Currently Reddit is widely used by major services, in order to provide users with easy question and answer forums.

However, Reddit is currently blocked by several providers . This is because there is negative content participating in a community on Reddit. But the funny thing is, websites like Twitter or Patreon should also be blocked if the reason is negative content on the Reddit website.

If we look at the positive side, of course there are lots of things we can get. Such a question that we often ask on Google often appears on Reddit sites, apart from other websites like quora. But unfortunately we can’t access it. However, if you want to open it, you can follow the trick below, without the need to use a VPN.

Access Reddit Without VPN

Whether it’s on your phone or PC, you can access Reddit without needing to connect to a VPN by using Private DNS or DNS OVER HTTPS . Its function is the same as encrypting the website that we access, it’s just that the IP we use does not change.

Access Reddit Without VPN on Chrome

Following are the short Steps to use Private DNS on Chrome browser on mobile/PC.

Step 1. First, open the Settings menu, click the three-dot menu and then click Settings.

How to Open Reddit Sites Without a VPN

Step 2. Next, click the Privacy & Security menu on chrome on your phone.

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Scroll down, then tap/click the Use Secure DNS menu.

Step 3. Next select the Choose Another Product   menu then change to Cloudflare.

For Chrome users on PC , you can use the search menu , then search for Secure DNS . Then click the Security menu , scroll down and click Use Secure DNS.

How to Open Reddit Sites Without a VPN

Finally select the menu below it then click With Custom and select Cloudflare.

Done , finally close the chrome browser and reopen it, after that please access reddit.

Access Reddit Without VPN on Firefox

Step 1 . Click the menu button Fx89 . menu buttonand select  Settings  .

In the  General pane , scroll down to Network Settings and click  the Settings button .

Step 2. Scroll down and select Enable DNS over HTTPS.

Finally , click OK and then reopen your Firefox browser.


By activating Private DNS, you can access the reddit website without using a VPN, which is definitely safer and more practical. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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