Various Kinds of Smartphone Screens
Various Kinds of Smartphone Screens

Various Kinds of Smartphone Screens

Posted on – Various Kinds of Smartphone Screens. Kinds of cellphone monitors are the next thing that must be of concern because each type of monitor has different characters. Here are some types of monitor technology that widely used for cellphones today:

Various Kinds of Smartphone Screens

Various Kinds of Smartphone Screens
Various Kinds of Smartphone Screens


TFT LCD is the type of monitor that is mostly used by mobile phones today. TFT LCD itself stands for Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display and is the basic technology of all LCD monitors. This cellphone monitor is generally quite thick and requires a lot of power because it requires a light source to work.

The characters of this monitor really vary depending on the quality and price. Mobile phones at low prices generally only use the TFT LCD monitor which has a narrow mindset and bad color appearance. While expensive cellphones generally use very good quality monitors.


Short for inline plane switching, IPS LCD is a one of a kind mobile monitor capable of displaying high quality resolutions with a wide range of minds up to 170 degrees. IPS monitors are generally of better quality than TFT LCD monitors for mid-range and lower class cellphones.

IPS LCD itself has several types, one of which is PLS (Plain Line Switching) which is called Samsung-made LCD panels. Currently, most middle and upper class cellphones use this type of IPS LCD monitor

Super LCD (SLCD)

Another type of mobile phone monitor that uses an LCD panel is the Super LCD which is widely used for HTC cellphones. Unlike other types of LCD monitors, this monitor does not have air space between the outer and inner glass arrangement so that it can reduce light reflection.

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Thus, the Super LCD monitor is suitable for use in open spaces that have a fairly high light intensity. In addition, this monitor’s power consumption is lower than that of ordinary LCD monitors.


AMOLED is a mobile monitor based on an OLED panel which was quite popular before the advent of IPS LCD. This monitor is thinner than the LCD monitor and does not require a special light source so it is more power efficient when displaying black. Unfortunately, the image shown by this monitor is generally less sharp than the LCD.

Besides that, AMOLED monitors quite expensive because they not made around LCD monitors. Now there several variations of this monitor. Such as Super AMOLED, Super AMOLED Plus HD, and others that have sharpness close to LCD monitors.


IGZO, short for indium gallium zinc oxide, is one of the most recent mobile monitors available today. This monitor predicted to be the kind of monitor for tomorrow’s cellphones. Because it can produce high resolution with high pixel density but low power consumption.

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