How to Fix Phone Is Showing Charging But Percentage Not increasing

Posted on — How to Fix Phone Is Showing Charging But Percentage Not increasing. battery is an important component in a cell phone. Where the entire cell phone system requires a battery. Batteries themselves have a lifespan and can be damaged. One example of the damage is the number of batteries that often drop drastically or run out quickly. Normally a cell phone battery can last for a full day in normal use, and if you charge it too often, of course the battery will be damaged quickly.

But sometimes there are strange things that happen, namely the battery actually decreases when it is being charged. The main cause is not entering the charge because it can’t accept the incoming electric current, but there are several other causes. To find out, you can read the article below.

Use Original Charger

Make sure you use the original charger from your cellphone. This is because sometimes chargers from other cellphones don’t match our cellphone batteries, so the electric current can’t enter.

Use Another Data Cable

For adapter constraints, maybe this is very rare. But when it comes to data cables, this often happens. This often happens by mobile phone users who use a type C (Fast charging) cable.

So, try to use another data cable.

The battery is damaged and must be replaced

There is a possibility that your phone battery is already damaged. To check, you can use a seated charger  (if the battery can be removed). If the battery can be fully charged, you can follow the last solution below.

There is a Hardware Damage on the Phone

We enter the final solution. If all of the solutions above don’t work, then there’s a high chance that there is damage to your phone’s hardware, be it the charger port or other components. For this problem, please leave it to the experts or to the service center.

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That’s the tutorial “How to Fix Phone Is Showing Charging But Percentage Not increasing”. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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