How to Check If Windows 11/10 Is Genuine or Not

Posted on  — How to Check If Windows 11/10 Is Genuine. Have you ever checked whether your Windows 10 or 11 operating system is the original or the pirated version? If you haven’t, you can read this post to learn how to check if your windows is original or pirated.

Check If Windows 11/10 Is Genuine or Not

There are hundreds of millions of devices with windows OS, but not all of them use genuine licenses, most of them use pirated versions which are certainly not safe and do not offer the full features of the original version. Many reasons people use pirated windows, and the thing that is often used as an excuse is the issue of price. There are several types of licenses, from OEM, VOLUME and RETAIL . To check your license, follow the steps below:

Check License Via CMD

The easiest way you can do is to use the slmgr command in cmd.

How to Check Original or Pirated Windows 10/11 LicenseFirst open CMD as Administrator. Then enter the following command:

slmgr.vbs /dli

Step 2: Press enter and your license code will appear. If you see a dialog that appears only Name, Description, Partition Product Key, License Status, it means that your Windows 10/11 license is Original.

How to Check Original or Pirated Windows 10/11 License

However , if you find something like the image below, it means your license is pirated or fake .

It can be seen there that it says KMSCLIENT which means that the license was most likely obtained using KMS activator, which is an illegal way to activate windows.

Difference Between Original and Pirated Windows

The first thing that is very important is the matter of legality. By using a pirated application or license, you are breaking the law and this is illegal.

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Another thing you might have to consider is privacy and security issues. There is no guarantee that your data is safe using an activated Windows file. Therefore, it is recommended to download Windows files from the official Microsoft website.

So what’s the solution? You can buy a Retail license , this license is quite affordable and you can easily buy it via the online shop.

So please consider using the original license, and I hope this tutorial was helpful.

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