How to Convert Text Messages to QR Codes

Posted on — How to Convert Text Messages to QR Codes. QR code is one of the digital media products whose use is quite popular today. You can scan the QR code to be able to access various information, websites, or places that you can visit quickly and easily. You can also convert your text messages into QR codes.

Convert Text Message Into QR Code

One of the goals of turning text messages into QR codes is to make our text messages more unique. In addition, you can also keep everyone from reading your message earlier. To create a QR code is very easy, you can use a generator on the website. This method can be used both on Android and PC.

Step 1: First, open your browser. After that, open the website address .

Step 2: To be able to turn the text message into a QR code, select the Text menu on the website earlier. Then enter your text message in the plain text field.

How to Convert Text Messages To QR Codes

Step 3: After entering your message, click the Create QR Code button at the bottom.

Step 4: Finally, wait for the process then a QR code will appear from your message. Please save the code as JPG, EPS or SVG. It is recommended to save it as a JPG. Then click Download.

How to Convert Text Messages To QR Codes

Done. You can change the QR Code using the website or your cellphone camera.

How to Convert Text Messages To QR Codes

Now you just have to share the message with your friends. So this short tutorial, good luck and hopefully useful.

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