How to Find Image Sources Via Telegram Bot

Posted on — How to Find Image Sources Via Telegram Bot. Maybe you’ve been curious about the source of the image someone sent or you met on social media. On Google there is a search by image feature if you want to find the source of the image. But even on Telegram you can do that. For how to do this, follow the short tutorial below:

Search Image Source via Telegram Bot

There are several telegram bots that can automatically find the source of the images sent, in this tutorial we use @GoogleReverseImgSearchBot

This bot will automatically search for the source of the image and send a google search link. Same thing with using the search by image feature from google, but more practical.

1. First of all, please search @GoogleReverseImgSearchBot or click on the following link:

2. After that, please click START on the channel.

3. Next, please forward the image to the Google Reverse Image Search bot.

4. Then wait for the search process. When finished, please click ” View Google Search Results “.

5. After that will appear search results from google. Please click on one of the links if it is the source of the image you want to find.

Done. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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