How to Fix an Inverted/Mirror Zoom Camera

Posted on — How to Fix an Inverted/Mirror Zoom CameraZoom application is one of the very popular online meeting applications. In addition to being available for free, the features in this application are also complete. But some users are not comfortable due to the mirror effect on the camera. Because the camera that was mirrored earlier made the user feel confused with the view of the camera that appeared. To overcome this you can listen to a short tutorial below.

Fix Inverted/Mirror Zoom Camera on Android

You can disable mirroring on camera zoom in the zoom app settings. Check out the following tutorial.

1. First, make sure your application is updated. Then open your zoom application. Once logged in, on the main page of the zoom application, you can select the Settings menu at the bottom right.

How to Overcome an Inverted Zoom/Mirror Camera

2. Then, in the settings section you will see several menus that can be set, to set the mirror zoom camera select the Meeting menu .

How to Overcome an Inverted Zoom/Mirror Camera

3. After entering the meeting section, please find the Mirror My Video menu, and disable the menu by pressing the slider icon on the right.

How to Overcome an Inverted Zoom/Mirror Camera

4. Done. Now your zoom camera will never be upside down or mirrored again.

Fix Inverted/Mirror Zoom Camera on PC

To zoom your own PC, you must use a third -party application, namely Scap Camera.

1. First, download and install the Snap Camera application using the following link:

2. The next step, do not forget to restart the laptop or computer first before you open it. Then open the Snap Camera application.

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3.  Next, go to the search menu and find FLIP.

4. Later you will see some flip filters that you can use. Here we recommend that you use the Selfie Flip feature .

5.  Then open the Zoom Meeting application When you have successfully logged in, you will notice the ˄ button next to the video button. Please select Video Settings , then go to the Camera menu and select  Snap Camera .

6.  Finally, after you finish setting up Snap Camera to be used as a camera in Zoom Meeting, then the camera on your laptop will automatically not be inverted alias mirror.


Now your camera will not look upside down or mirror anymore, if you want to restore the settings you can follow the tutorial above. And as always, have fun and hopefully useful.

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