How to Fix Play Store Error on Android
How to Fix Play Store Error on Android

How to Fix Play Store Error on Android

Posted on – How to Fix Play Store Error on Android. Have you ever had a problem with the Google Play Store Program? An error notification appears when you download a new program, the Google Play Store stops itself, the download process is not successful or the program is not compatible.

There are factors that may affect the error when connecting to the Play Store. The following is the guide for dealing with the problem of the Play Stote error cannot be downloaded;

How to Fix Play Store Error on Android

How to Fix Play Store Error on Android
How to Fix Play Store Error on Android

Seek the Problem First

The first step, check the position of the Google Play Store program on the downloader service. The Android phone we just bought, of course, has a Play Store program and of course requires a Google account. You have to log in or create an account to open the Play Store. Now, after logging in, because of that the Play Store will automatically update.

You will see a download notification in the position bar. It is certain that when you want to download a new program it will not work, because the program that you took will be listed in the download queue. After the Play Store is over, try downloading the program again from the Play Store.

Check Internet Network

This seems trivial. The problem with the Unreachable Play Store can come from users themselves who have not turned on internet data. It could also be network problems that come from providers such as a weak signal that makes the Play Store unable to place new programs.

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Set the Date and Time

Google checks the date and time of your Android phone for the Play Store. Time and date one of which triggered the playstore cannot be accessed. Or Google servers are having trouble syncing with your device and causing your Play Store to have problems and unable to download new programs.

Clear Google Program Cache Data

When Play Store is stuck, force close it by swiping directly or you can go to Settings-> Programs and notifications-> Watch all programs, specify Google Play Store and press Force stop.

Return to Factory Settings again

Google Play Store problems that are fussy can be handled easily without needing to bother fiddling with methods or Flashing using a PC. There is no PC, nor can the Play Store problem be cured by doing repeat research or returning to factory settings. This allows your mobile device to come back as if it was new and the method has no more errors.

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