How to Remove Bloatware on Windows 11

Posted on — How to Remove Bloatware on Windows 11If your computer feels slow, you can lighten up your windows by removing bloatware from your Windows 11. Bloatware is software or applications that come from manufacturers that are rarely used and remain on the computer, consuming storage space and consuming resources. According to Microsoft , Windows without bloatware is 104% faster and the battery lasts 35% longer. For those of you who want to know how to delete it, see the short tutorial below

Remove Bloatware in Windows 11 Manually

This manual method is a bit complicated, because you have to delete one by one application that you don’t need.

1. First, open SETTINGS by pressing Win + I

2. Then enter the Apps menu > App & Features , then scroll down to the App List menu .

How to Remove Bloatware in Windows 11

3. Find an application that you don’t use, then click the three dots on the right side then click Uninstall.


How to Remove Bloatware in Windows 11

4. After it is deleted restart your windows 11.

Remove Bloatware in Windows 11 Using Tweaker

This tweaking application will automatically remove bloatware on your windows 11.

1. First, connect your windows 11 to the internet

2. Then open Powershell as Admin.

How to Remove Bloatware in Windows 11

3. After that, copy and paste the command below:

iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(‘’))

Dan Enter.

4. Then wait a while, when finished, the tweaking application will appear.

5. After that, click Essential Tweaks and then wait a few moments.

6. When finished, a notification will appear on the Current Status that says “Essential Tweak Done”

7. Finally, restart your Windows. If you want to return to the initial settings, click Undo Essential Tweaks and then restart your windows.

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How to Remove Bloatware in Windows 11


That’s it for this tutorial, now your Windows 11 is bloatware-free, hopefully it’s useful!

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