How to Upscale Image Without Losing Quality

Posted on — How to Upscale Image Without Losing Quality. For those of you who like to download images from Facebook, Google or other social media, you may sometimes experience one problem, namely the image size is sometimes too small. But when you enlarge the image, the image becomes blurry. Now to overcome this, you can follow the short tutorial below.

Upscale Image Without Losing Quality

To upscale images without sacrificing quality, you can use the waifu2x website. You can increase the size of your images without the need for additional applications. For how to use it, see the short steps below.

Step 1: First, go to Website .

Step 2: Next, click Choose File , then select the image file you want to enlarge.

How to Enlarge Image Without Blur

Then change the Noise Reduction set to High.  And select scale to 2x. by selecting 2x scale , then the image will be enlarged 2x, so for example the initial size is 1000×1000, then after 2x upscale it will change to 2000×2000 without sacrificing quality.

Step 3: And finally, click on Waifu2X .

How to Enlarge Image Without Blur

Wait for the process, sooner or later depending on the size of the image you upload. When finished, all you have to do is click the PNG or JPG format then Save As Image .

You can see an example of the comparison results at the following picture:

Before 1x and After 2x:

If the resolution is not large enough, you can repeat the steps above.

By doing this you no longer have to worry about your image getting blurry when zoomed in. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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