How to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos

Posted on Youtube is by far one of the most popular video streaming sites today. However, because a lot of content is uploaded on Youtube, it is also deleted for several different reasons. This could be a copyright issue, Youtube policy violation or just the uploader removing the video. For those of you who want to watch the deleted video, here is the tutorial “How to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos” .

Watching Deleted Youtube Videos

In this article, SSHKIT will discuss how you can watch deleted Youtube videos. Keep in mind that this method is just a workaround and may not work depending on the video you’re trying to find. There is no official way for you to watch deleted Youtube videos.

Using the Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is basically a website that documents and archives the entire internet. If you have a deleted video URL, chances are you can find it using the Wayback Machine.

1. First, open the Wayback Machine website .

2. Then paste the link for the YouTube YouTube video that you want to watch.

How to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos

3. After that, a video will appear that you want to see. Click the page to watch or download.

How to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos

Finished. Although there are browser extensions, we recommend that you do it manually like the steps above.


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