Instagram Corona Virus Co-watching
Instagram Corona Virus Co-watching

Instagram Corona Virus Co-watching

Posted on – Instagram Corona Virus co-watching. In response to the ongoing corona virus pandemic outbreak in several corners of the world. Instagram has introduced a new feature that allows users to more easily connect to the coronavirus pandemic info link.

This feature, called Co-watching, offers various Instagram videos and other forms of content that will make it easier for users to go through quarantine or self-quarantine days at home.

Instagram Corona Virus Co-watching

Instagram Corona Virus Co-watching
 Corona Virus Co-watching

This feature has a direction to promote reliable content about the corona pandemic and stop false information or hoaxes related to the pandemic. The “Co-watching” feature allows people to keep in touch with other people by making video calls.

There is a fact that there are people around the world who are cut off from friends and family because of this this feature will be useful and there is an order to always stay at home from the government. So Instagram will direct users to get the correct information from the Ministry of Health and local health organizations.

Anyone can enjoy Co watching from the video chat menu on Instagram. The steps to use this tool are really simple, just touch the video camera icon in the upper right corner of the DM (Direct Message). When the user has entered the video chat page, a photo symbol will be shown in the lower left corner of the monitor.

Users can open Co-Sharing. From this Co-Sharing, users can specify photos or videos, bookmarks and posts to be shared in video chat groups. This Co-Watching feature will make it easier for multiple users to share photos or videos together. Users can activate the feature while on a video call from the Co-Watching feature.

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When on the Co-Watching page, users can find photos and videos that can be shared. Just tap the photo symbol in the lower left corner of the video. When the user publishes Stories, the Stay Home sticker will automatically appear. Now, every Instagram user can watch someone’s activity using that sticker.


Co – Watching includes various kinds of cool stickers. Users can search for the desired sticker by simply writing the keyword from the sticker on Instastories. For example, if the user enters Covid-19, a message will automatically appear to clean hands, social distancing, and many other guidelines regarding guarding the spread of the corona virus.

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