Steps to Find Lost iPhone, iPad, and Your Macbook
Steps to Find Lost iPhone, iPad, and Your Macbook

Steps to Find Lost iPhone, iPad, and Your Macbook

Posted on – Steps to Find Lost iPhone, iPad, and Your Macbook. Finding the missing and kidnapped iPhone, iPad, or Macbook is not a difficult case because Apple has included that feature in its devices. Not only searching, you can now close and eliminate all the data in it.

Steps to Find Lost iPhone, iPad, and Your Macbook

Steps to Find Lost iPhone, iPad, and Your Macbook
Steps to Find Lost iPhone, iPad, and Your Macbook

The feature is called “Find My iPhone / iPad / Mac” which is on every new Apple device. Therefore, make sure you have activated this feature, otherwise you will not be able to find your missing device.

Find My iPhone itself is a special cloud-based service for Apple-made devices. If your device disappears, you can search for it via a browser by logging in with your Apple ID. You can install the Find My iPhone program on the App Store to find it on other Apple devices.

You also don’t have to worry about the thief wanting to disconnect your device from iCloud, turn off the Find My iPhone feature, or delete the data on your device. The reason is for the iOS7 operation method and above, there is a feature called Activation Lock which will hold various types of treatment without an Apple ID password.

Login to iCloud

Open the site then log in using your Apple ID. Once logged in you will see the iCloud dashboard with various types of icons. Click the “Find My iPhone” symbol in the 2nd row of icons. You will now see a look at Find My iPhone and a map.

Start Looking

Click the “All Devices” drop-down option at the top and select your missing device. The next search process will start immediately and will take a moment depending on the other network elements and the internet. If the trekking process is successful, then you will see its position on the map.

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Lost Mode

Now you can start the ring tone, activate the “Lost Mode”, or delete all the data in it. But remember, make the choice of eliminating data as the last option because then the Find My iPhone feature does not play a role anymore.

Activate Lost Model will close your device with a password and will display a message and telephone number that can be reached. This feature really useful if your cellphone disappears so that the person who received it can return it to you.

Find Iphone Position

The Lost Model feature will automatically activate the service position on the iPhone and iPad when the service is initially inactive. Thus you don’t need to worry if you haven’t activated the service initially because the Lost Model feature will still monitor the position of your device.

Those are a few easy steps to locate your various missing Apple devices. As a note, the missing device must be incandescent and connected to the internet. If you not connected to the internet via an operator network or Wi-Fi, therefore the Find My iPhone feature cannot used.


If this happens because of that, one of the wishes is for the thief or the person who got it to connect to the internet. Fortunately. You no longer need to monitor device changes via iCloud because Apple will notify you when the missing device reconnected to the internet.

Hopefully the trick guide above can help you find your lost iPhone, iPad, or Macbook. If you want to find a lost Android phone or tablet, you can read the full guide here. Happy practicing!

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