How to Install XDM: IDM Alternative for Linux

Posted on —How to Install XDM: IDM Alternative for Linux. Maybe you already know about the IDM program which is only available on Windows. IDM is the most popular and widely used downloader program. But is there a similar application that has the same function? Of course there is, XDM is an application similar to IDM that you can install on Linux. For how to install it, see the short tutorial below.

How to Install XDM on Linux

XDM has almost the same usage characteristics as IDM on Windows. A download popup will appear when it detects a download from the browser. XDM is also integrated in some browsers with extensions.

The installation process is very easy, here are the steps.

Download XDM (Xtreme Download Manager)

First of all, first download the XDM application by the site or you can type the command below by the terminal:


XDM Installation by Terminal

After downloading the file, extract the file using the command:

tar xvf xdm-setup-7.2.11.tar.xz

Once extracted, type the installation command below:

sudo ./

Then wait for the installation process to complete.

Installing XDM Extension in Browser

The last step is to install the XDM extension to make it easier to integrate the XDM browser and application. Please open the XDM application, the Browser Monitoring menu will appear on the right, please select according to your browser.

How to Install XDM: Alternative IDM for Linux



That’s the tutorial ” How to Install XDM: IDM Alternative for Linux “. XDM is the best IDM alternative that you can use on Linux with high speed and of course free. And hopefully useful!.

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