How to Mining Bitcoin on Nicehash for Beginners

Posted on — How to Mining Bitcoin on Nicehash for Beginners. Nicehash is a service that provides a hashrate platformfor coin mining needs. There are tons of new users using Nicehash for bitcoin mining, and the number is growing. What makes Nicehash the best is that their servers are fairly stable, so the mining process can run smoothly without any problems. Users are facilitated by choosing the algorithm that suits their needs which allows them to have high profitability. For you new users, you can follow this short tutorial on how to use Nicehash.

How to Mining in NiceHash

Basically mining in Nicehash is very easy. There are two (2) ways to do mining, of course what you need to prepare is a device for mining in the form of a CPU or GPU. And here are the 2 ways earlier.

First: Using the Quickminer Program in Nicehash

Nicehash has a special program to make it easier for each user to mine on a computer.

First, visit the link below to download QuickMiner:

 Download QuickMiner.

Then install the program and open it.

When you open the program, you will be prompted to enter your login credentials exactly as you used to log into the Nicehash web. And after that you can start the mining process by clicking the green Start button .

How to Mining Bitcoin on Nicehash For Beginners

Quickminer will automatically detect what algorithm has the most performance against the GPU/CPU device you are using. But you can change the algorithm manually in the settings.

Second: Using Another Miner Program

Nicehash also has other mining apps like Xmrig, Claymore, etc. There is a dedicated stratum server available on Nicehash which you can check out on the Nicehash page.

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How to Mining Bitcoin on Nicehash For Beginners

You just select the algorithm and the server, then the stratum address will be available and you can use it for mining. Make sure you set the configuration in the miner program correctly so that the mining process runs smoothly.

Tips : Choosing the Right Algorithm for Nicehash

Try using the Profitability Calculator feature on Nicehash and then choose the device you are using. Later, the algorithm will appear what is the best for mining at this time and profit every day.

Changes in coin prices and coin dficulty greatly affect the expected profitability. So if later the estimated profit drops, it is recommended to switch to another algorithm.


That’s the tutorial ” How to Mining Bitcoin on Nicehash For Beginners “. Hopefully it can help you in starting the mining process on nicehash.

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