How to See Your Whatsapp Barcode
How to See Your Whatsapp Barcode

How to See Your Whatsapp Barcode Easily

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How to See Your Whatsapp Barcode Easily -Whatsapp is currently one of the most popular social media applications. Currently, for the Playstore, WhatsApp has been downloaded up to 122,690,673 times.

With the increasing number of WhatsApp users. Whastapp has always been trying to develop applications. Various new features arrived. For example, such as group video calls, business whastapps, to barcodes.

All of that is done to make it easier and to pamper loyal users of this social media application. Of the many new whatsapp features, sometimes users are confused about how to use the new features of whatsapp.

One of them is how to see your own WhatsApp barcode. For that in this article we will provide tips for those of you who want to your own WhatsApp barcode.

How to See Your Whatsapp Barcode Easily

Here are the steps you can follow to see your own whatsapp barcode:

  • The first thing you have to do is open a browser on your laptop or computer. You can use chrome, Firefox or your favorite browser. So if your PC doesn’t have a Chrome browser or anything else, please download and install it first. Or you can download the WA For Desktop application on the Windows Store.
  • Next, you can visit the whatsapp web address here or by typing in the address bar and then pressing enter.
  • Later, the whatsapp web site will open. On the main whatsapp web page you cansee your whatsapp barcode.


  • After the barcode is open you can scan it using your smartphone.
  • Open the WhatsApp application on your smartphone.
  • On the whatsapp main page, you can tab the menu in the upper right corner.
  • Then you will see several menus, and you can press the whatsapp web menu.
  • By itself your scan camera will live. You can scan the whatsapp barcode that you have opened before.
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This is the article about the How to See Your Whatsapp Barcode Easily. hopefully it can help those of you who are in need of this information

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