How To Make a Stable Internet Network.
How To Make a Stable Internet Network.

How To Make a Stable Internet Network.

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How To Make a Stable Internet Network – Smartphones have become a major necessity for us. However, a smartphone without a stable network is very unpleasant.

Sometimes we need a smartphone for our work needs. However, due to an unstable internet network, the performance of our cellphones is very hampered. Of course it is very unpleasant for us.

The method of making a normal Android Internet network connection can be tried by all users who use a smartphone with an internet connection that supports it.

Internet connection can be enjoyed by today’s android cellphones. Each feature has a type of internet speed and the networks it supports.

How To Make a Stable Internet Network.
How To Make a Stable Internet Network.

A network that supported or recommended to get a more normal and fast internet speed. You can use the latest 3G or 4G internet package with a speed 10 times faster than 3G. I want to but about this, the user has problems that experienced when accessing the internet and only getting connections that fluctuate in stability.

How To Make a Stable Internet Network.

Currently, many workers use video conferencing applications for meetings while working from home. Unfortunately, there is one big obstacle in video conferencing is slow internet access.

Slow internet access during video conferencing will limit the work we are doing. For example, data from superiors are not very clear, coordination between employees becomes choked up, and so on.

Here are some easy and understandable steps that can used to generate signals :

Use Broadband Internet

Using a broadband internet network is our guide so that your internet connection at home is always normal, especially when accessing video conferencing applications. A broadband internet connection has a much better level of stability than a mobile internet.

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Of course, besides having a function to maintain network security. Using ssh can also make your internet network much more stable and continuous. To be able to use sshkit you can see the tutorial here.(How To Create a Free 30 Day SSH Account)

Use a LAN Connection

Compared to using WiFi, you should connect your PC or laptop with a LAN cable. The reason is that the LAN connection does not face problems such as using a WiFi network. Using the LAN network, your device will directly connected to the network via cable.

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