WhatsApp Cannot Make Video Calls
WhatsApp Cannot Make Video Calls

How to Fix WhatsApp Cannot Make Video Calls

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Blog.sshkit.com – How to Fix WhatsApp Cannot Make Video Calls. One of the communication instruments on smartphones that are very loved in the world is the WhatsApp message sending application.

Not only because WhatsApp is one of the pioneers of messaging applications in the world. WhatsApp has the advantage of light and instant performance. Some of the features found on WhatsApp also share convenience in communication such as voice calls, video calls / video calls and message senders.

How to Fix WhatsApp Cannot Make Video Calls

WhatsApp Cannot Make Video Calls
WhatsApp Cannot Make Video Calls

WhatsApp, with its quality like the technology industry, ensures that the features contained in the application can run optimally. But sometimes because the settings on the smartphone are wrong, the user cannot use some of the features in this application. For example, you cannot use the video call feature.

Android type above 4.1

Make sure that your Smartphone already has a video call feature. This feature is available on Android 4.1 and above, it can be concluded that if you have Android above 4.1, the video call has been embedded in your feature.

Make sure the latest type of WhatsApp

Make sure if your WhatsApp type is very up to date (latest). So that your WhatsApp type is up to date, you can carry out an update on the Google Play store application, then find the WhatsAPP application and after that select updates or updates.

Clear Cache

Clear Cache can be very helpful for overcoming the WhatsApp application on your cellphone whose video call feature does not play a role. Here are the steps:

  • Open settings on Android
  • Search for the WhatsApp Application
  • Select the storage menu,then click clear cache
  • then click force terminate
  • return to Home and reopen WhatsApp.
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Stable Connection

Make sure your network has a normal internet connection without problems. So if you want to use the video call feature, make sure you have an easy connection.

Reinstall WhatsApp

If after using the four methods above, it doesn’t work. You can implement a method in the form of reinstalling the WhatsApp application. But previously you had to save or back up the files contained in the WhatsApp application. Here’s the trick: click Menu (point 3), select Settings next to Chat, then select Backup Chat. After the above process ends, you can reinstall WhatsApp.


Such are the steps that can be applied when you want to overcome WhatsApp not getting video calls or video calls. This guidance should be useful for you. If there are complaints or unexpected problems about video calls, you can ask in your opinion.

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