Make the laptop battery last longer
Make the laptop battery last longer

Make the laptop battery last longer

Posted on – Make the laptop battery last longer. In today’s era, quite a lot of people spend a lot of time on netbooks. Likewise, keeping the netbook from being destroyed is an obligation so as not to disturb the peace while using it.

One of the elements that must be considered is the battery because maintaining the netbook battery incorrectly can cause quite fatal damage.

Make the laptop battery last longer

Make the laptop battery last longer
Make the laptop battery last longer

Therefore, this opportunity we will discuss some guidelines and tricks for maintaining the netbook battery so that it is always durable and not destroyed quickly. What will be discussed here is the maintenance steps for a lithium-ion (li-ion) type battery that is used by most of today’s netbooks.

Don’t Exist for 100% Ability

When you charge the netbook battery for the first time. Emphasize that you charge it to 100% as the process side of the calibration. But then, stress that your netbook’s battery is always available in the 40 to 80% range to reduce its cycle count and lifespan. Some experts have the opinion that this will extend the battery life by up to 4 times.

Although many see it as just a side of battery maintenance dogma. But, certainly don’t let the battery be connected to 100% power at 100% and don’t leave it to 0% power deficiency.

Sometimes you can also maintain the netbook’s battery by doing a calibration. Please read this article for a guide to the correct battery calibration steps.

Maintain the Temperature

Most of today’s netbooks use lithium-ion type batteries. Which are always necessary for a temperature range of 10 degrees to 35 degrees Celsius.

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The reason is if this battery is available for temperatures above that, therefore its ability will shrink over time. Likewise, keeping the temperature of the netbook is one of the steps to maintain a netbook battery which is quite important.

One of the triggers for a netbook to heat up quickly is the amount of dust in the netbook so that the fan or fan does not work properly. In addition, continue to use the netbook in a flat. Clean location so that air circulation is not obstructed.

Periodic updates

Some netbook manufacturers generally provide software updates periodically to make bug fixes or extend battery life.

One of those that did is Apple by releasing OS X Mavericks one year ago. Likewise. Overhauling the software is one of the steps in maintaining netbook battery that should be a concern.

Put the batteries in properly

If at any time you have to go for a long period of time and have to leave your netbook, so remove the battery and put it in a cool location with 50% capacity.

Don’t save it to its full capacity because it can reduce its storage capacity and don’t save it for 0% ability because it can destroy it directly.

That’s how to care for a laptop battery so that it is durable. Hope this article can help you

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